BoraX (as always) is totally a metal device (ERGAL, Stainless Steel, Brass)

BoraX is 100% compatible with a standard boro tanks

(now also the drip trips threads)

the device is very small, light and ergonomic

BoraX is scratch resistant (thanks to Black STRONG OXIDATION treatment)

Also BoraX has our exclusive battery door and the single button (dicodes EC23) in a convenient position (lateral side)

now the positive pin is totally adjustable



– Very small
– Full metal
– STRONG OXIDATION (scratch resistant)
– Positive Pin adjustable
– STRANGERS MODS battery door
– all details 100% compatible bb
– Dicodes EC23 (V3)
– stainless steel STRANGERS MODS DripTip
– stainless steel adapter for all drip tips
– positive contact Gold24K plated
– negative contact Gold24K plated
– central pin contact Gold24K plated

in the packaging there are

– BoraX device 


– STRANGERS MODS drip tip adapter for all standard drip tips

BoraX is available with:

Dicodes EC23 (V3)


ERGAL (aeronautic aluminum)

Stainless Steel

Brass (only in PANDORA Limited Edition)

21,5 x 45,8 x 79,45mm






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