INDOMITA21 (21700 battery) is a complex device but with “standardized” features
INDOMITA21 has been designed to accommodate the normal bottles and also the bottles of 8.9ml
with standard connection and will be perfect until 25mm RDA
(without unsightly lateral protrusions)
The new INDOMITA21 is available for booking  with many different designs 
with also (as always) your favorite design
All the peculiarities that have always distinguished STRANGERS MODS we will find on the new INDOMITA21 also
– total metal (machined from solid)
– exclusive STRANGERS MODS battery cap
– gold-plated contacts
Etc etc


The distinctive feature of our INDOMITA21 is certainly the metal hinged cover to hold the bottle

This metal cover guarantees an absolutely fast replacement / filling of the “standard bottle”

INDOMITA21 is available with:

  • DNA100C 
  • DICODES FL80 without USB

Materials: ERGAL – stainless steel

Dimensions: 84,2x 41,7x 44,5x 24mm (24mm is the width of the front side)

weight: 150gr.




mods examples