ESSENZA is a further “interpretation” of the MINUTA model (18650)

The “dimensions” are the same, but we have changed the design (now more captivating) and we have changed the battery cap design

All the parts are obtained from totally solid metal (machined from solid) but at the same time, small, powerful and lightweight (only 127 gr).

All the contacts are plated gold, the special wires are short and perfectly welded.
All of this contributed to obtain an internal resistance of near 0 and a perfect power output.

The battery cap is not obtained with screw cap or with sheet metal folded, but thanks a project far from simple to realize in so few specimens.

The black coating is given by a special high resistance black coat (it has a higher hardness coefficient than steel). It was originally used in some components of the F1 Ferrari engine.



The ESSENZA is available with:

  • DNA100C
  • DICODES FL80 with USB
  • DICODES FL80 without USB

Materials: ERGAL – stainless steel

Dimensions: 24x43x81mm

Weight: 127gr.


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