MINIMA is a minimalist MINUTA.
Working process and technical details are the same as MINUTA.

The production of MINIMA started in 2019.

MINIMA is a minimal / essential version of MINUTA and is 1 mm narrower.

This 1 mm shortness is due to the removal of the fingerprint from the back.

Anyway, I thought of this specific model for my friends who prefer minimalist lines.

Thanks to the minimalist line, the price will also be lighter compared to MINUTA.

MIMIMA is available with:

  • EVOLV DNA100C (new)
  • dicodes FL80 with USB
  • dicodes FL80 without USB (new)

Materials: ERGAL – stainless steel 

Dimensions: 24x42x81mm

Weight: 121gr.






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    mods examples

    box mod – 18650 – minima