ERGAL21 differs by construction details difficult to implement

In the ERGAL21 we wanted to associate a set of mechanical complications
easily visible on 6 sides, on the back and the battery cap
of course all individuals components are obtained from solid using CNC machines, polished by hand and protected by an exclusive anodizing scratch resistant
ERGAL21 is now available for the reservation 
Ergal is one of the most commonly used aluminium alloy due to its highly stressed structural applications. It has been extensively used in aircraft structural parts
The ERGAL21 size is very similar at the current MINUTA21

ERGAL21 is available with:

  • DNA100C (new)
  • DICODES FL80 with USB
  • DICODES FL80 without USB (new)

Materials: ERGAL + stainless steel

Dimensions: 27x47x86 mm

Weight: 141 gr


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    mods examples

    box mod – 21700 – Ergal21