New PRELUDIO (2024) as opposed to the new MINUTA and DIANA, will only receive 3 small updates / optimizations.. compared to the currently 2023 version (sold out)

Realization of PRELUDIO has been possible thanks to the experience gained in recent years

PRELUDIO is the result of a new project

In the PRELUDIO the features most relevant are certainly the front semicircular section and the extremely thin body central section 

the battery cap (from a point of view functional / technical ) is the only component that has remained unchanged.. the other sections and the internal geometries have been totally rethought and redesigned

Now the 510 connector is superimposed on the electronic component

These changes have allowed us to obtain an absolutely slim “21700” device of only 118gr. (!)

But despite its small size, the PRELUDIO can accommodate atomizers up to 26mm in diameter without unsightly side protrusions.

PRELUDIO despite its low weight, has manteined a thickness of 2mm, give the device a high coefficient of mechanical resistance

Also PRELUDIO (like others models) can be realized in an infinite number of variations 

NEW PRELUDIO (2024) will be available for pre-order with:

  • DNA100C
  • dicodes FL80 / NO USB

Material: ERGAL – stainless steel

Dimensions: 88x 27 / 23,66x 43,5mm

Weight: 118gr.





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    mods examples

    BOX MOD – 21700 – PRELUDIO