TITANIC is by far the STRANGERS MODS device equipped with multiple self-produced parts

(Greater number of components)


To be clear, we had to create dozens of micro-components in order to be able to independently produce this complex device

Given the extreme complexity of the product, we decided to produce the necessary components to be able to make only 9 COMPLETE Kits + 15 “STANDARD” kits

The product is made of stainless steel (external structure / battery tubes) and ERGAL for the bottom side + inner part + dedicated desk charger

(+ small brass details)

The device is offered in a “start kit” containing the 18350 (or 18650) battery holder.. but you can also decide to accessorize it with a 18500 and also 21700 battery holder (optional)

(Even at a later time while stocks last)

The 21700 kit (consisting of 3 parts) will obviously need dedicated accessories (atomizer / drip tip) in order to be able to ‘compensate’ for its very important dimensions.

The handling (ergonomics) of the TITANIC is definitely exceptional!

TITANIC is available for booking with:


Dicodes BF60


Materials: Stainless Steel + ERGAL + Brass


Body size: 55mm x 26mm x 24mm


Weight with 18350 tube: 141gr


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    mods examples

    Side by side – 18350 – TITANIC